Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Growing Like Gangbusters

Wow, I have been SO delinquent in my postings!  Now it's time to catch up.  Over the next few days, I'll be doing lots of shorter entries.

Things have been growing like crazy.  This is the rainiest spring I can remember.  I've lived in the South most of my life, and I never recall having a monsoon season before this year.  Even though I would like some more sun, my garden seems to be quite happy with this arrangement.  The bonus is that I haven't had to water all season. 

The tomatoes are happy, happy campers.  So far, I am not seeing any fungus problems that can happen when plants stay wet, so that is great news.  The plants are covered with little yellow blossoms and quite a few baby tomatoes, that you can see in the photo on the left.  

One thing to stay on top of as things start to grow is the support of the plants.  The right hand photo shows my preferred method of support.  The most important thing is to start with a really strong cage.  The plants get really heavy, especially when they have lots of fruit, and a weak cage can fall over.  I like to use this hook and loop material to tie the plants to the cage as they grow.  It doesn't cut into the plant, like string.  Strips of nylon stockings are also good.

Good luck with your own planting.



  1. Your tomatoes look great! I love that Velcro tape you used, I use it also. When you get a chance, do you mind looking at my last post? I have bugs. Thanks!

  2. Lori, how's the topsy turvy going? Can you post another photo? We planted a basket upside down for my inlaws who can't garden anymore and they have harvested about 5-6 tomatoes. Not exactly a bumper crop but they have fun watching it grow.